We have here for you the beginning of an education program for the Cambodian rural communities that will grow with your help and ours.

Education for the Rural Village in CambodiaWe bring to you updated news of what we have to offer and how our organization will expand the education and opportunities for the children from the rural villages of Cambodia. Our goal is to provide instruction and needed supplies to the rural schools, and to insure the future of a solid education for these children. Our exclusive gallery of recent pictures will inform you of our needs and progress. Find out ways you can donate to the “Cambodian Rural Education Fund” and know that you helped make a difference in educating and inspiring bright young lives.

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Thank you, we here at the Cambodian Rural Education Fund hope you will become involved in developing a brighter future for the rural schools of Cambodia.


10 Aug

Inadequate Resources For The Rural Communities

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The latest news for these schools is overcrowding, double or triple sessions, no supplies, underpaid and under trained teachers. Having just returned from a trip to Cambodia, my husband, who is Cambodian, and I, visited the school.
03 Jan

We Are Changing Lives

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Since we began the Cambodian Rural Education Fund, we have been changing the lives of village students in Cambodia. Our first graduate from college was Savin Khuon who received her degree in economics in August of 2010..
23 Mar

Students From Brighter Tomorrows School

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Since 2005 we have worked to fund the education of rural children and young people in Cambodia. Our teacher, Sophoeurk Lach, has received his degree which in Cambodia can take three to four years after graduation to.